Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sock Yarn is available now!

Seriously people, summer is almost over and that means one gifts! Get started now so you don't freak out later. Well, at least that's my strategy. Not that I've started anything yet. I'm just thinking about it. My idea: socks for everyone! And, you can make them too!

Today we listed all of our hand-painted sock yarns. As I'm sure you can tell, summer was a huge inspiration for us. The bright sunny days and warm weather was channeled into our color choices. Pinks and oranges and yellows and blues. And, to get everything incredibly vibrant, all of the hand-painted sock yarn was double dyed. This yarn is so soft and lovely that it just drank the color in. The result is incredibly bright and happy and soft. We couldn't be more pleased. And, as you'll see by the Etsy section heading of "Skinny Minnie," we didn't want you to think that the only use for this yarn would be for socks. Currently I'm working with an early skein of this yarn making a hat. (pattern from I'll post a picture as soon as its done.

So please, let us know what you make with it. We'd love to hear!

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