Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome to 4 Topedoes!

We're fabulous fiber artists. One of us has been knitting and crocheting her entire life, is an exhibiting artist with a bachelor's degree in fiber arts and a master's in fine arts. The other one is obsessed with fashion and color and expensive shoes and learned how to knit 3 years ago and has been head over heels for fiber ever since. Once you get to know us we'll let you guess which one is which.

In the meantime, we're so glad you've found us.

Right now we have roving and sock yarn listed. The roving is a fantastic rambouillet blend. Its all from the same fleece blended with silk and angora. We've had a ball dying and spinning with it so I'm hoping everyone else enjoys buying it and spinning it.

Our sock yarn is one of a kind, hand-painted. And, let me tell you, even after its dyed it is just crazy soft. I can't tell you how excited I am about that. 462 yards (100 grams in in each hank) and 75% superwash merino wool with 25% nylon. You can easily do a pair of socks with just one hank.

Its As an added bonus, we have a few kettle dyed glow under blacklight sock and bulky yarn skeins. I mean, we all need yarn that'll glow under a blacklight. I've been working with the bulky weight on a felting project. I'll post pictures just as soon as I'm done. (Hopefully next week) The yarn is very friendly and easy to work with. You get about 137 yards on each 100 gram hank.

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